Dynasty Family Office will help bring focus, clarity and, most importantly, appropriate resources and process to help you achieve what is important to YOU.

We understand that time is money, and through our value proposition, we will work with you to reach your goals and make your dreams reality.


Molly Grubb is the Founder of Dynasty Family Office, the premier personal CFO firm for helping business owners achieve greater success.

Molly loves connecting on stage with audiences, and off stage serving clients. She enjoys grooving on the dance floor, running her heart out or riding her bike on any trail close to her, and traveling the world. She is a die-hard Buckeye fan and is always up for spending time with her large family. She lives what she teaches, “work hard but play harder.”

Molly has served organizations from a wide variety of industries and size, helping CEOs define their purpose and create a system that will multiply their success.

And here’s why: Molly gets it. After watching her family’s success evaporate due to no plan or system, she built a system that is easily customizable to any CEO to help them define their purpose, simplify their life, gain more control over their business and multiply their success.

She too is an entrepreneur and practices what she preaches. She understands the pain, sweat and tears
that goes into building a
great business.



Did you know?

  • Most owners OVERESTIMATE how much their business is worth and UNDERESTIMATE how long it will take to sell it—if they find a buyer at all.
  • Too many owners treat their exit as a one-time transaction, rather than a strategic process.
  • ‘The transition of business wealth is not about executing a simple transaction: it’s a gradual process that impaction the owner very personally.’

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  • The Dynasty Journal is not just a journal; it’s your personal key to unlocking a world of opportunities and achieving the happiness and success you’ve always envisioned.
  • The Dynasty Journal is not just a journal; it’s a life-changing tool that will empower you to seize your destiny and turn your dreams into reality.

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Our Team

Jenneffer Vazquez Moran

Jenneffer Vazquez Moran grew up in Orange County California.

She graduated from UCLA in Human Biology and a minor in Entrepreneurship and received her Certificate in Personal Financial Planning from the University of California Irvine. She is currently working towards her CFP certification.

When Jenneffer is not helping with client services and marketing at Dynasty family she enjoys hiking, dancing and spending time with her two boys, Everett and Caspian.

Jonathan Messimer, CFP®

Jonathan Messimer is from Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts.

He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM). When he is not managing portfolios for Dynasty Family Office he is spending time with his daughter Evie or reading up the latest market trends for fun.